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Using Google Analytics For Your Social & Mobile Audience

  Know your audience. It’s one of the key rules of getting better conversions. These days, knowing your audience isn’t simply about overall web traffic analytics; it means understanding your mobile and social audience too. Here’s why. How Big is the Mobile and Social Audience? In the US alone, according to Pew Research Center: Two-thirds

Useful If This Then That Recipes

Imagine a world where Heath Robinson style contraptions genuinely exist and even the most complicated tasks can be achieved without you even having to get out of bed, or even be awake. Blissful huh? Well we’re not far off that in digital terms, thanks to IFTTT, a tool that can help you automate thousands of

Google AMP And Your Online Marketing

What is Google AMP? The Google AMP Project is a way of fast-tracking content to mobile devices. It improves upon the traditional model of serving mobile content because it relies on a specific form of HTML, called AMP HTML, to strip down the presentation of content. Here’s an example of what an AMP page looks like when

Further info on blogging links for freebies

As we reported on Friday, Google has issued guidelines for bloggers who receive free products from companies.  Google’s advice is for bloggers to nofollow any links that they add to products they’ve received as ‘these links didn’t come about organically’. It may sound simple enough, but it raises a number of issues. These include: Is there


Content Marketing

Content marketing has seen an impressive growth during the past few years and this has made an increasing number of brands examine the best tactics to invest in content and boost sales. We attended Ayima’s Insights Conference in London this week, and here’s what we learned fromDanny Chadburn, Head of Content at Ayima and SEW contributor, on how to create a successful

Google Guidelines

Google Guidelines On Blogging Links For Freebies

The practice of brands engaging with popular bloggers seems to have caught Google’s attention, with the search engine offering some advice on what bloggers should do in this situation. Or, as it’s very easy to interpret, Google is suggesting it may take action if it deems that links have been added to posts in return

Local SEO checklist

Is your brand visible to potential customers? If you’re a local business and you haven’t nailed down your local SEO, you’re missing the opportunity to be seen when that customer searches on desktop or on mobile. But local SEO isn’t some mysterious entity. It’s a series of concerted steps. And we can help you tailor

How to feed a hummingbird

SEO is changing. We can no longer rely on keyword targeting alone to optimize our content. Whether we should focus on topics or keywords is a debate in progress. But figuring out which topics can influence the SERP is, at best, a manual process; at worst, it’s a timesuck that can take hours out of your day.

What to look for in a Content Strategist

The day has come: Your boss signed off on your proposal to get the help your marketing team needs from a content strategist. Great! Gulp. What skills should you look for in a content strategist? What are some good questions to ask? Where and how can you find the right help? Here’s advice from some

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