March 2016

Usability Testing Of Mobile Applications

The mobile market is huge and growing at a very fast rate. With an estimated 4.5 billion subscribers worldwide, it is forecasted that the number of mobile phones will surpass the world population. Before Begin … A Couple of Words About This Guide As the title of this article says, this is a step-by-step guide.

Optimizing your PPC campaign with customer feedback

Customer feedback gives marketers and business owners the insights to improve their product or service. It also gives PPC strategists the opportunity to improve the performance of their biddable media campaigns. To this end, seller and product ratings are a great way to help you improve your conversion rate and boost your quality scores. This

Habits of Highly Productive Agency Leaders

On average, people receive 304 business emails per week, attend 62 meetings per month, and deal with 56 interruptions to their work each day. That’s a lot of time wasted considering that so much of email causes additional confusion and follow-up questions, it takes 16 minutes to refocus after dealing with an email, and most

Redesigning Adwords for mobile users

Since introducing AdWords 15 years ago, we’ve seen a fundamental change in the way people find what they want, when they want it. We now use multiple devices throughout the day, and watch more videos and visit more websites and apps than ever before. Today, more Google searches take place on smartphones than on computers,

Your Google display and video ads audience

People constantly move between devices throughout the day — reading breaking news on their smartphone, watching a viral video on their tablet, or researching a beach vacation on their laptop. This creates a challenge for marketers: how do you find the right person at the right moment? Google’s audience solutions help marketers reach people based

Recent Google Updates

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cubicle without internet, you’ve noticed a few big things happening over the last few weeks with Google. Comparison ads are being pulled in some competitive niches (we covered the launch here) You’ll no longer see ads on the right-hand side of the SERPs Google is providing 4 paid ads above the

Site Builders

The number of web designers who still look down their noses at website publishers (such as Squarespace, Wix, or Webydo) is unbelievable to me. Eye rolling, haughty chuckling, bursts of forced laughter… the whole nine yards. Snobs, you know who you are… Where I work, our tool of choice is Squarespace, but across the Web you can see

Google PageSpeed score

In Ask Yoast we handle your SEO question! This time we received a question from Stefan Wohlert from Venlo, just around the corner here in the Netherlands. He asks: “How important is the Google PageSpeed score for SEO?” In this video we explain what this score means for your site’s SEO: Focus on a fast website Can’t watch

Useful If This Then That Recipes

Imagine a world where Heath Robinson style contraptions genuinely exist and even the most complicated tasks can be achieved without you even having to get out of bed, or even be awake. Blissful huh? Well we’re not far off that in digital terms, thanks to IFTTT, a tool that can help you automate thousands of

Should you bid on keywords that you already rank organically for?

One of the most common questions in paid search, is should you bid on keywords that you already rank well for organically, or is it just a waste of money? In this article I’m going to be examining the two leading case studies by Kenshoo and Brad Geddes to provide a data backed answer to